Crystal Clear

The Beauty Express

20 min • £20

Perfection in less than an hour designed
for men and women on the run.

The Re-Charger

40 min • £50

Any skin type. A regenerating boost to the skin that recharges and brings back its glow and clarity. Utilising products which contain ingredients to stimulate the communication between the skin cells and to assist the skin to function more efficiently. Encourages skin to increase Collagen production to strengthen the skin from the deeper layers to reduce lines and wrinkles.

The Ultimate

60 min • £80

Total indulgence and pure relaxation for all skin types. A combination of Microdermabrasion and Oxygen therapy. The whole face is left toned and rejuvenated meanwhile your whole wellbeing is left to feel totally relaxed.

It’s all in the Back

25 min • £35

A deep cleansing solution for your back! This is perfect for open pores and congestion it rebalances and resurfaces giving you visibly clearer and fresher looking skin.

Oxygen Treatment

40 min • £60

This treatment is suitable for all skin types. A course of treatments will plump outlines, wrinkles and hydrate the skin. This treatment will help to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin leaving your skin looking fresh and youthful.

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